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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Could You Still Remember Your First Date?

Could you still remember your first date? Could you please share your experience with us?

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Posted by: Mel Avila Alarilla


chubskulit said...

My very first date? Naku may dumalaw sa bahay nun Kuya tapos hinabol ni papa kasi lasing si Papa nun and ayaw nya ako paligawan lol..

First date ko with John medyo Dyahi pa but since he is very comfortable to be with madali naman napanatag loob ko hahaha..

Bluebirdy said...

First date became like a prophecy in my life. My first date was to the 1974 version of "Lost Horizon" which was filmed in Shangri-La. Six years ago, I married a man from Shangri-La. I have been obsessed with the movie and the place since that first date. Funny how life goes in circles to completion sometimes.

Mel Avila Alarilla said...

Hi Rose,
Natatawa ako sa iyo. Palaging first si John kasi nababasa niya post ko, lol. Uhum, maingat masyado ang kaibigan ko, hehehe, lol. Sige, tanggapin ko na yun, hehehe, lol. Si John ang first and last love mo, lol. Natawa rin ako dun sa dumalaw sa inyo na hinabol nang papa mo, hehehe, lol. Si John ba hindi rin hinabol nang erpat mo nuon? O baka naman tinaggayan niya, lol. Joke lang kaibigan, nagpapatawa lang ako, hehehe, lol. Salamat sa dalaw at komento. God bless you all always.

Mel Avila Alarilla said...

Hi Shiela,
Yes, I love that movie too. Is it the movie with the songs of Burt Bacharach? That was indeed a beautiful movie. I would love to see it again. Your life is like a make believe one. But I thought Shangri-la was a legendary place not an actual one. I'm a little bit confused. Anyway, thanks for your visit and comments. God bless you always.

Amrita said...

This makes me laugh

bingkee said...

My first date with exes? Or with my husband? I will always remember my 1st date with my hubby. Since we met online and we chatted on the phone, we kinda know what each other look like when we arranged to meet in person. But when I met him at the first second, I saw the biggest smile I'd ever seen in my whole life----his grin was ear to ear like almost ripping off his entire face. He said he was so happy to see me in person because he saw the most beautiful woman in his life.....LOL!
And my reaction was a little bit irked because he was a few minutes late...hehehe. We had so much fun that I didn't know we spent 5 hours together instead of the planned 2 hours.

Mel Avila Alarilla said...

Hi Amrita,
Why have you not experienced a date before? I wonder why that question made you laughed? Anyway, thanks for your visit and comments. God bless you always.

Mel Avila Alarilla said...

Hi Bingkee,
Yes, that was a very memorable experience with your husband on your first date when you were not yet married. But the question was for your very first date. I'm sure it was either funny or forgettable. Anyway, thanks for your visit and comments. God bless you all always.

Scotty's Princess said...

Hello po! it has been a while since I have visited all your blogs except for the blog where we are both a team member. EC 4 Religion :-)

I don't remember if I've really been out on a serious date with a guy. I am a late bloomer. I had my first BF when I was 22. I usually do go out in groups.

I am so looking forward though to having my first ever date with my Prince of almost four years. This year it will be.

Long Distance Relationship is killing me but I have always been patient. It is a virtue and it requires a lot of waiting.

May you enjoy your weekend in grand style!

All the Best.

elegantnodes said...

just visited your blog, please would you want to visit my blog again, I hope my blog will give you a new information, thank you

Mel Avila Alarilla said...

Hi Lainy,
Of course I do remember you although we were not much in touch with each other. I could not resist congratulating you when you won that contest in another blog. You said you have a serious long distance relationship for four years now and is looking forward to having your first date with him. Is he a Filipino or a foreigner and where is he stationed? Also I remember reading a post in your blog before that was written obviously by someones else (your mother perhaps?) informing the readers that you were in the hospital for treatment. I was praying for you then but did not know your exact sickness why you were hospitalized. I looked at your other blogs then but I was still clueless. What was your sickness then? Have you already recuperated from that? I hope and pray that you will realize all your dreams in life by God's grace. Thank you so much for your visit and inspiring comments. God bless you always.

Mel Avila Alarilla said...

Hi Elegantnodes,
Yes, no problem with that. I will visit you site again. Thanks for your visit and comments. God bless you always.