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Monday, October 20, 2008

Do You Approve Of Homosexual And Lesbian Relationships?

Do you approve of homosexual and lesbian relationships especially homosexual and lesbian marriages? Please explain your answer.

Tags: Homosexual, Lesbian, Same Sex Marriages, Worldview

Posted by: Mel Avila Alarilla


Bingkee said...

I have lots of gay friends---esp. gay men. I love their company and have worked with them and I never judge them for that's not my job to judge others. I just don't condone and would never be for "gay marriage".

Mel Avila Alarilla said...

Hi Bingkee,
Thanks for your visit and your intelligent viewpoint on the issue at hand. I respect your viewpoint. God bless you always my friend.

Anonymous said...

nope. let's just go back to basic. that's something God wouldn't approve of. let your no be no and yes be yes. if God says it's a sin, don't do it. if God says go, go. we're not perfect and nobody is except God but we have to do and act our part. just a thought.

Mel Avila Alarilla said...

Hi Pia,
Actually, I was hesitant to post this article because of the so many negative reactions I received from lesbian and gay bloggers before. But there it is. I respect your opinion and guts regarding this matter my friend. Thanks for your point of view my dear friend. God bless you always.

Max said...

Hey Avilla (I hope you don't mind)!

I do not agree with gay marriage (because the definition of this word is union between a man and a woman; and applying this word to gay people just doesn't make sense), however I do think gay couples are entitled to legal unions (for it's their right to benefit from the social perks, and fiscal advantages).

This is an issue that should make us all think...


Mel Avila Alarilla said...

Hi Max,
Everybody is entitled to their own opinion in this blog and nobody is pilloried here. What one does with his own private life is his own concern. As much as possible, we never want to sound judgmental. We only postulate issues here and readers are free to articulate their own viewpoints. And I never practice censorship in this blog except for vulgar and obscene languages. What opinion any reader ventilate here is his own and I can never censor that. Thanks for your visit and point of view. I respect it. God bless.

Amrita said...

I certainly don 't approve of the gay/lesbian movement. i would not like their company either.Altho I don 't hate them. I 'd like to see them turn to God.

Society has lowered its standards and is accepting things against God and nature.

Many ancient civillizations floundered because of sexual perversion history tells. We should learn from that.

wendy said...

I do not approve of homosexual relationship. They say there are scientific proofs that homosexuality is genetic.That a person is born gay. I do not agree with this. The enemy is just using this way of thinking to keep those who are bonded to this sin bonded!

t3ss4 said...

I approve gay and lesbian relationships... also with gay marriage.
Everybody deserve to be happy and respected... I don't see anything morally wrong when it comes to loving despite that they are in the same sex... as long as they're not cheating or hurting anyone's feelings, or another relationship, I guess it's okay.

Jaz said...

You're right, Mel. This is a hot issue. The Bible is clear about that particular subject. I do not agree with that lifestyle and I never will.

However, we need to learn to love the unlovely even if they are not what we believe they should be. I have seen the gay parades that are filthy and nasty. But those people are still creations of God. It is up to God to bring them into the fold.

We must turn from such things and not be in favor of them. Yet, we must love those who practice this. And on the subject of people being born gay, that is not very likely since God is the Creator and He is against this. I have seen some people who displayed all the mannerisms of being gay that came into a Christian service and left straight.

Thank you for discussing such a hot issue.