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Friday, February 5, 2016

Now I Know.....Now I Understand

                                      NOW I KNOW.......NOW I UNDERSTAND

I consider myself the biggest underachiever in the world. Although we were not actually well off but struggling, I started out in life with a lot of promise. I was very serious in my studies and my family looked at me as a great deliverer. After school, I landed a good job at the biggest company in the Philippines where everybody looked at me as a trailblazer. But somewhere along the way, controversy hit me and I found myself resigning because I stepped on somebody's toes and those toes belonged to a company bigwig. I drifted from one company to another hoping to land a bigger and more prestigious job than my previous employment. But alas, fate must have conspired to bring me down. I was saddled by life threatening sicknesses right and left which rendered me ineffectual in my job and was forced to retire early in life. My life made a turnaround in 2000 when I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and savior and became born again. Although I became stronger and more resilient in life, the spiral downward dip in my life continued until I was left with nothing in life. I was confounded and asked the Lord the reason for it. Later on I found the answer to my questions. The Lord brought me down to the lowest level because He wanted me to serve Him. I know my vocation in the Christian ministry is to teach. And that's what I am doing now. I now look for the welfare of others disregarding my own. I remember the words I told my audience in a Bible study in a very depressed area before. How miserable will you be if you are living a miserable life now and later on become more miserable in the afterlife because you failed to accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and savior. We have to make every effort to achieve the condition that "none should perish." Every soul is valuable and people who live wanton lives never knew what awaits them. Now I know....now I understand.

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