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Thursday, February 11, 2016

Count Your Blessings

                                      COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS

Most people dwell on what's negative and whatever they lack in life. They always compare themselves with people who have accomplished more in life. They want the very best that life can offer but they end up frustrated and stressed. Why? Because no man has the monopoly of the very best in life. Each man has his own limitations in life and life on earth is never perfect. To be happy and contented in life, why not try the opposite approach. Why not count our blessings instead of what's lacking in us. Why not be thankful to God for whatever blessings He has bestowed on us. Then we will see that this is a wonderful world bestowed with so many blessings that we would lose count  on them. Surely there's the fresh air that we breathe every day. And there's that warm sunshine that dispels all gloominess in this world. And who is not thrilled when they see a rainbow up in the sky. Even the myriads of birds and insects that fly in the air remind us of how blessed we are to be alive. The waves of the sea that constantly traverse the seashore gives us a tingling feeling when they embrace our feet. And who would forget the wonderful sounds of nature at night when the night creatures begin to sing their lullaby. And we will have peace and joy in our hearts if we know that we are walking in the will of God and have accepted Jesus Christ as our Lord and savior. Then we can really anticipate that blissful reunion with the Lord in heaven and enjoy life eternal. 

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