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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A Re-Post From Raptured Dreams

Antoinette Taus

Antoinette Taus

Antoinette Taus

Hi Tey,

This is Antoinette Taus. She resembles you in your picture at your personal profile with your dreamy looks. I'm sure your clients will want to have the same glowing and silky skin of Ms Taus if they use your products.

Join The Contest For Free Mineral Makeup

I am so blessed and very thankful. To share my blessings, I will giveaway free mineral makeup before the end of this month, instead of waiting for my birthday.

The contest starts today and everybody is welcome to join. You can grab the code and put it anywhere on your website. The more traffics my website gets from your site, the more chances of winning. You can do a simple campaign if you want.

The winner will get Loose Mineral Foundation and one Mineral Eyeshadow. Please note that my Mineral Makeup is made up of pure Natural Minerals. No flour, No talc, No Corstarch, No paraben, nor bismuth, which are usually the cause of skin irritations or allergy. Winner can choose her choose any color. Grab the code and let start the ball rolling

The contest will end at the end of this month. Everyday I will announce the Top 5 sites where my website gets the most traffic for the day. I will be visiting those top 5 sites to let them know, plus I will be linking their blogs on this site everyday.
Inspired by; Genny-Wonderful Things
Posted by: Tey of Raptured Dreams
Repost by: Mel Avila Alarilla
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Tey said...

hoy Mel grabe, baka may makakita sa akin sa personal at nabasa itong post mo..Ngeee nakakahiya... Kuko lang ako ni Antonette. Not even 1/4 of her beauty.. Even 1/8 or less.. lol...

Have a great day Mel
Raptured Dreams
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Mel Avila Alarilla said...

Hi Tey,
Hindi naman. Kinumpare ko lang yung picture mo sa personal profile mo kay Antoinette. Talaga namang kahawig duon. Anyway, it's good to use her to sell your products without us paying any talent fee or royalty to her. Hindi naman niya personal na inindorse yung product mo di ba? Sana lumakas ang bente ng products mo at maging multinational pa. Ako ang kunin mong product distributor sa Pilipinas pag lumakas na iyon. Dati naman akong national sales manager ng iba't ibang kumpanya nagkasakit nga lang kaya maagang nagretire. I will pray for the eventual success of your online business my friend. God bless you always.